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So happy you found us (and extra points if you spelled my name right while searching!) I believe in lazy days, carbs for every meal and requesting Spice Girls anytime there's a DJ! I've been told I'm outgoing and make friends with almost anyone! Most clients would say my specialty is putting those around me at ease, and I am totally cool with that! Michigan born and raised, I am fiercely loyal to our state and love any opportunity to enjoy all it has to offer.

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I know most about me’s go on to say how being a "insert career here" was always their dream job. I had no idea wedding photography was my dream until I actually shot my first wedding as a favor for a friend. 

The clues were all there though. I was creative from a young age, writing stories and drawing pictures. I obsessed over the old love stories I would watch with my mom, and ruined plenty of her JC Penney catalogs cutting out my dream wedding dress. I would draw my bouquet, my invitations and dream the most elegant wedding day dreams. I should have know that this all would have eventually pointed me to my dream job. 

As a wedding photographer, I get to do that same thing but instead of drawing it all up or cutting it out, it’s REAL and I get to document the dreams of my clients. I’m capturing the best and most beautiful days of my clients' lives, and that in itself has given me so much joy and drive forward. 


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