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Billy and Colleen | Bay City Country Club

Like Billy and Colleen their wedding day was full of sunshine, warmth and joy. Billy recalled the “first time” he proposed to Colleen. As young teens hanging out, just joking around. Of course Colleen had said “yes!” Way back then too! I think deep down they both knew that their hearts were forever bound and that one day they would truly be saying the words “I do” to one another.

For every sweet and tender moment (that had me wiping several tears away) there was just as many of the fun and full of laughter moments. Colleens sweet dance moves, Billy doing the worm all the way to get the garter (total surprise to everyone!), and countless other great memories!

When I wasn’t being swept away by the way Billy and Colleen loved each other, I was being carried off by the love of their friends and family. Their devotion to the couple was inspiring and made the entire day that much more meaningful!

Billy and Colleen thank you for giving me the joy of documenting your wedding day and your love for one another!


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