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To first look or not to first look…

To look or not to look… that is the question! (that I get asked OFTEN)

A first look is where the bride and groom opt to see one another BEFORE the ceremony. After photographing several weddings I wanted to give our top reasons on why a first look can be a great idea! 

  1. Nerves. It’s a lot to take in on your wedding day. Then to add walking down the aisle, with everyone you know staring at you… oh boy! When we do first looks we suggest it tucked away from your guests and family with just us quietly to the side documenting it unfold. Fellas especially feel more comfortable to express emotions this way, they can take it all in, get a supportive hug from you and tell you how beautiful you are, all things that get swept to the side during the ceremony.  
  2. Lookin fresh babe. When you get your photos done in the beginning you’ll both be looking amazing!! You haven’t sweated off your makeup, your dress hasn’t been stepped on, the groom doesn’t have makeup on his suit from hugging aunt Carol and your hair is still in tact! (Side tip: leave a gap in your timeline for makeup and hair touches if need be!) Timeline tips to come in a future blog! 
  3. More. Scheduling time for photos before the ceremony with a first look and after your ceremony, (ideally during sunset) allows for more photo opportunities!  In addition, weddings are unpredictable and there are often delays and other unforeseen circumstances. It would be a shame to reminisce about your wedding day and wish you had more time for photos!  It is not ideal to rush pictures after your ceremony for reasons like the sun already setting or a ceremony running longer than expected, and let’s be honest it’s hard to enjoy anything when you feel rushed! 

Have more questions on how to improve your wedding day? Feel free to contact me! 

Happy Planning! 

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