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Have your cake…. and take these tips when you do!

We see several amazing and beautiful weddings every year! Because of this we get asked often by future couples “is there any wedding suggestions you have for us?” I usually answer with the same tip… the wedding cake placement. 

This delicious part of the day often gets crammed in a corner. I get it, it’s sometimes HUGE, or non essential to the other tables or perhaps the venue said to simply put it there. The issue the corner cramming causes comes to cake cutting time and photos. As much as I run in to walls, I have yet been able to meld into one, this leaves my second and I (and all your guests) staring at your backs while you cut. OR I am squeezing off to the side, sliding your cake down and trying to get an angled shot (imagine this with two photographers and a videographer!! We become best friends very quickly!). 

If at all possible we suggest a small round table for your cake. If you have other desserts, sure they can go on a large table in the corner! But a small table pulled away from the wall allows family around you (grandma and aunts LOVE this!!), and we are open to a full radius of angles. That way this fun and tasty moment can be documented the way it should be!


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