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But, like…why?

I am often asked why I only shoot weddings, and to be honest it’s stupidly simple. I liked shooting weddings above everything else! I liked that it had emotion, details, constant movement (I thrive on that adrenaline!), storytelling and family all in one.

Once I knew that was where my heart was I started to pour all my attention and resources into the best gear for… you guessed it, shooting weddings. All of my classes and workshops were about… weddings! My time researching and marketing? Weddings.

I knew to be a master at this I had to let other categories fall away. Number one, my wedding schedule is packed now and number two that is where I am the most skilled and better equipped!

If you are just starting out with photography, definitely photograph anything you are comfortable with and dabble in all education. It is good to know the basics in several areas, it will only strengthen you as a photographer. But don’t be scared to make the leap and choose your passion and dedicate yourself to becoming a master in it! You will not regret it, and neither will your clients 🙂

Ready to take a leap in one direction? Feel free to message me for encouragement, advice and support! *online high five!

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