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John and Kali | The Venue

This wedding day was unique for me! The bride Kali is a friend, and even helped second shoot some weddings a few years back! The day we met she started telling me “when I get married, you’re going to be my photographer.” As time would tick by and we would meet or chat quickly online she would casually say it again.

Kali would talk of a Godly man that she was waiting for. Someone who treasured family and faith like herself and would have a sense of adventure. Then came along John.. THE man It was surreal to sit and watch all the things she dreamt and prayed for now unfold before me.

There I was photographing their wedding day, documenting their celebration of finding one another!  The Venue wedding details The Venue Wedding Details Bride and Groom Downtown wedding photos The Venue Clare Mi, bridal party images Downtown Wedding photos, The Venue Downtown Wedding Images The Venue The Venue wedding reception details The Venue Clare Mi wedding reception The Venue wedding details, Clare Mi

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