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Game on quarantine!

With everything going on in the world I needed something to put my mind to. I was tired of cleaning out closets, and washing walls, so the obvious next task…my business! I want to share a few helpful tips for wedding vendors and small businesses in general that I have come across.

Starting it off with (drumroll please!) Updating your website images!! What!? You heard me!

Step 1: Go through your website and remove anything that is no longer current or that doesn’t speak to your brand/services. As a rule of thumb remove anything older than 2-3 years old (although some experts say anything older than a year!). Ultimately you’re the judge of what is still relevant to your business but if you’re on the fence ask a friend, or colleague for their opinion. If you don’t have any new images reach out to your fellow creatives who you worked with in the past (example: photographers!) Say you don’t have an event business but want new product images? You can either email me and we can set up a way for you to mail or drop off items for a branding session, or stay tuned for my run down on taking product photos with your phone!

Step 2: Have your images in 3-4 (yes, only 3-4!!) easy to navigate and find portfolios. It’s best to show a variety in these to help customers see a service that fits in with their needs. Examples: showcase a winter, spring, and fall wedding. Or if you’re a venue you can showcase a large, small or average size wedding and so on. If you need help with this let me know and we can brainstorm together!

Step 3: Narrow those portfolios images down to only the best of the best! It’s all about quality over quantity. You just need 2-3 great images of whatever subject you are trying to show case! We have a limited time to grab and keep our viewers so we want to make it quick and easy for them to see the quality and value in our work! If you need help choosing images or curating what portfolios to use, feel free to reach out to me!

So here we go friends! This is an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up your website. I can’t wait to see your growth and look forward to hearing from you! If there’s something more you would like to know about shoot me an email!


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