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Hunter + Jordan | Engagement

Oh man this session!! It was a great way to start back again! I have been missing photographing my amazing clients! This was also my first time getting to meet Jordan and Hunter  because there has been no in person consults recently! As fate would have it I miraculously parked right behind them in downtown Ann Arbor and from the moment we met it seemed like we were old friends! 

We walked and chatted and thanks to Hunters navigation skills found the law quad at University of Michigan. We were in the race against light and playing a fun game of hide the construction (we totally won!). None of it really seemed to matter though because the “cuteness” of Jordan and Hunter made every thing perfect!! 

Thank you Jordan and Hunter for dealing with the ridiculous amounts of time I squealed “cute!”, for trooping around the entire campus, and being willing to get cuddly while surrounded by strangers! I am so excited for your wedding day and capturing more incredible images to document your love!! 





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