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2020 School Photos

Yeah this year has been a whirl wind. Things I wanted to do never happened, vacations were cancelled, family time with loved ones was rare. One thing that stayed consistent was the growth of my business. When September came so did the start of school and back to the grind of pickups, athletics, practices and homework.

I declined to order school photos because I had this grand idea in my head of the photos I would take of my own children. Well you can guess that November rolled around and I was confronted with the notion that I had yet to take them!!

So we had a warm half day of school and I rushed my girls home. Fought with the middle one to change her clothes, lost the youngest glasses, and spent what seemed like forever curling my oldest’s hair! BUT we did it, we got them, I have documented their 2020/2021 school year!

*Braylin: 7th grade and LOVING it!! This is the best year yet. I was so worried with all the changes and chaos but she is thriving!

*Blaire: 5th grade and tolerating it lol. We are still adjusting to getting back to a schedule and responsibilities, neither of which she loves. She is enjoying seeing her friends and LOVED helping with JV volleyball though!

*Hadley: 2nd grade and LOVING it! She is so happy to see her friends, tell me the new things she is learning and adores her teacher, Mrs. Smith.

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