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Scary but do it…

My last check up was a little scary. I knew it needed to be done but if I went it meant it was reality. (News flash, it’s real even if you don’t go get it checked Cheyenne!)

It all started with my friend and my sister in law being very open with me on their own journey with skin cancer checks and scares. Their stories, and urging, and long chats, nagged at me until I finally made the call to my doctor.

A quick visit resulted into a referral to have two spots removed and checked.

Am I stepping over some privacy line with you? Maybe. Opening up too much? Possibly. But if even ONE of you get’s a nagging feeling from this post, if my words hang on you until you too make that call, then I am glad that I said too much.

I don’t have my test results back yet. The likely hood is everything is fine or will be fine. The thing is you don’t know until you know! So consider me your friend, or your sister in law… and go call your doctor!

For more information: https://thebigsee.org

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