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Everyone needs engagement photos!

We believe everyone should get engagement photos and here is just a few of the reasons why!

This is such a brief period in your relationship that it deserves to be documented and remembered. It’s full of lot’s of firsts, even some last’s, lots of planning and all the feelings of excitement for what’s to come!

Secondly it’s the perfect chance to get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day! If you’re like me, being in front of the lens isn’t the norm for every day life and the idea of getting pictures can be a little unnerving. Having a session before hand can take away that stress and get you loving the way you look infant of the camera!

Lastly, you get to know your photographer! You can hear how they speak, give directions and know exactly what to expect on your big day. This way it’s also not a stranger showing up on your wedding day but more like an old friend.

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