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Austin and Alex | Dearborn Inn Wedding

Hitting off the first wedding of the season at a venue I’ve never been to can always have me a little anxious, but every moment of Austin and Alex’s Dearborn Inn wedding was a dream and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off 2021! The grounds of the hotel are beautiful and timeless, the perfect backdrop to say “I do!” Although the couple had initially planned for a ballroom reception (which we snuck in for photos) the gorgeous May weather made the outdoor tented event the perfect spring wedding.

In this business we get to meet so many wonderful families but it’s always humbling when you feel like they bring you into that family unit and treat you like one of their own, which is exactly what the bride and grooms family did. This was just one of the many things I loved about Austin and Alex’s wedding day. The way they cherished one another, their families and their closest friends too.

Another part I loved was the amazing moments of pure happiness! From the father of the bride glowing when he saw her and walked her down the aisle, stopping just before he gave her away to give her one last “I love you” smile, Alex as she turned down the aisle and instantly lit up as she happily made her way down to her groom, and Austins sweet smile as he danced through the night with his bride. These moments were very well captured too! Not just with us and videographers, but two of the cutest flower girls (like really they could be professionals!). Every where they were, it was either dancing or photo ops with their little cameras, and I gotta say… we loved it! #futureweddingphotographers

Austin and Alex, I hope you have the best time on your honeymoon in Colorado!!! Here is a little sneak peek to send you on your travels! Thank you for being you and bringing me in to such a wonderful wedding day!

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