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Josh and Jamie | Farmington Hills Wedding

It’s no secret I get teary eyed at weddings. Some may call me an empath or a big baby, but whatever it is, I can’t help but feel that emotion in the air.

So after hearing the story of how Josh and Jamie found each other I couldn’t help but imagine the moment and the way they must have felt. Only just meeting, standing next to their friends as they stood under the chuppah. Finding each others gaze and knowing with a soft stirring in their hearts that this was their soul mate. Jamie went home and told her mom she found the man she was going to marry, and Josh went home and did the same. That big first moment of meeting was followed by a thousand more moments, entwining them together more and more, even to the point they wrote similar things to each other in their wedding letters

Then here was the day, the day they knew they were walking towards since the moment they met. They would once again meet under the chuppah and this time that knowing in their hearts would be declared. It was pure joy on not only their faces but everyone around them, again that electric emotion in the air, begging to be acknowledged by all who were near.

When getting ready to do the first look I told Josh “when you’re done in the moment, just let me know you’re ready and we can move on” and he quickly said “I’ll never be ready” and grinned from ear to ear. The rest of the day was just the same, two people never getting enough of one another. Dancing, singing and laughing in celebration.

Josh and Jamie, thank you for having us capture one incredible wedding day. I truly feel honored to have been a part of the day and to have met you and your families.

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