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Hunter and Jordan | Fox Hills Wedding

Jordans dad said it best at his first look, every moment has been leading up to this. He felt the same way the day she was born, from the first day of kindergarten, to graduations to now. All the way leading them to that very moment.

Hunter and Jordan are a beautiful couple. I’ve been looking forward to capturing their day since their engagement session when I realized just how photogenic they both are and how much fun we have together! They are naturals in front of the camera but also kind, genuine and incredibly fun!  The weather was crazy hot but the entire time these two were beaming with happiness. They were so excited to finally be married and celebrate with those they love most. When you see the smiles and laughter in their photos it was so natural and easy, the happiness was radiating from them both!! I will say one of my favorite moments was when Jordan and Hunters best friend who stood up as a bridesmaid (who is also the reason they met!) placed her veil on Jordans head to wear the aisle. It was the perfect piece to wrap together their love story.

Jordan and Hunter, congratulations! I hope your honeymoon is as stunning as it looks and that you have many more adventures ahead of you!

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