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Dreamy Detail Photos

On your wedding day there’s so many little important details. You spend so much time (and money) picking and choosing those perfect items, you want to make sure they’re captured in your wedding story! I often get asked what items to bring and how the process works. So today, I am sharing our secret to success 😉

  1. These details include your invitations, wedding gown, veil, shoes, perfume, rings, jewelry, vows, extra florals and other heirloom items that mean so much to you. (grandmas handkerchief, the personalized broach etc)
  2. Details are the first things I will photograph, so it’s amazing if you make sure to have them ready to go when we get there! This way you and your bridal party can focus on getting ready, and we do the rest. Designate who will be in charge of your getting ready details. We suggest your Maid of Honor since they will be there with you the whole day! I suggest having the items together and placed in a box beforehand, so they’re easily accessible.
  3. Those florals I mentioned? Make sure and have your bouquet delivered in time to make an appearance for the detail shots and for your first look. The flowers always add the perfect touch, so check with your florist if they are willing to bring any florals that may have other wise been discarded.

Hope this helps to create gorgeous detail photos for your wedding day!

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