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Michael and Samantha | Saugatuck Bay

Michael and Samantha met in the middle of sorrow and grief, where they could have both chosen an easier rode of anger, fear and doubt. But instead they chose, strength, faith and the belief that God had more laid out for them.

The warmth that poured out from this day was indescribable. From the glow of love and kindness from families and friends, to the sweet way both Mike and Sam lit up when together and with their children.

The guests from all sides quickly began getting to know one another. In each corner you could find some laughter or heart warming conversation. There was no stranger at this wedding, it was all one united family. Usually we say two families becoming one, but really it was more like several families becoming one…Wrapping the couple and their sweet children together in love, support and that beautiful gift of hope.

Dress Designer-Justin Alexander Palermo
Venue-Saugatuck house and Saugatuck Beach
Invites-Etsy- Sundae Weddings
Hair and Makeup Artists- The Pretty Committee

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