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Kevin and Kristen | Planterra Conservatory Wedding

One of the most beautiful things to experience at a wedding is watching the love, gratitude and friendship a bride and groom share with their guests. It’s tears, hugs, joyful hello’s and for Kevin and Kristen lots of laughs. There was different moments of this appreciation sprinkled through out the entire day.

Everyone was just SO happy… and they should be! Kevin and Kristen have waited a long time for this day and had been through so much to get here. They went through being nurses away from home, during the beginning and spike of the pandemic, they battled Covid themselves, they went through all the new wedding changes, and a stressful change in their initial venue and date.

Through it all though, they smiled and they hoped. Together with their friends and family they continued to dream of this day and then here it was. Perfect, warm, glowy and beautiful.

The biggest gift of waiting for their wedding day was the appearance of a dear friend. Kevin and Kristens close nursing friend Amanda had undergone her second bone marrow transplant and was given the go-ahead to attend the wedding day!! In true nurses fashion the two took their big day and used it to love and care for others by donating to a special organization in their friends honor.

So while this was a visual dream of a wedding, it was also heartfelt and endearing. Kevin and Kristen you are so sweet together! You make everyone around you feel loved and cared for (even taking a moment to ensure your photographer was ok!) I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images.

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