I am often asked why I only shoot weddings, and to be honest it’s stupidly simple. I liked shooting weddings above everything else! I liked that it had emotion, details, constant movement (I thrive on that adrenaline!), storytelling and family all in one. Once I knew that was where my heart was I started to […]

I have always been self conscious of my name. Number one the spelling, no one ever spells it correctly, and number two it was very uncommon. It felt like a blazing sign, saying “LOOK OVER HERE!! She’s different!!” When you are a child/teen, different is scary. Heck, it’s scary as an adult! Different can feel […]

There seems to be an automatic reaction when Kristen walks into a room, and it reveals itself on all the smiling and glowing faces around her. Kristen makes everything seem easy and fun, and her laugh is wildly contagious. And nobody makes her light up the way that Brian does. Judging by her smile she […]

Like Billy and Colleen their wedding day was full of sunshine, warmth and joy. Billy recalled the “first time” he proposed to Colleen. As young teens hanging out, just joking around. Of course Colleen had said “yes!” Way back then too! I think deep down they both knew that their hearts were forever bound and […]

When we arrived Saturday everyone was intensely watching the Northern Michigan forecast. It didn’t look good, but thankfully the bride and team had made a plan b the night before just in case they had to change the outdoor ceremony plans. I have never seen so many wonderful people work together to make a day […]