Yes, we are Mid-Michigan wedding photographers but until recently it was rare for us to photograph weddings in our area! We photograph weddings all over Michigan and further but to be honest it was nice to have such a short drive in the middle of winter! Kyle and Kansas’s wedding day was not only sunny […]

We see several amazing and beautiful weddings every year! Because of this we get asked often by future couples “is there any wedding suggestions you have for us?” I usually answer with the same tip… the wedding cake placement.  This delicious part of the day often gets crammed in a corner. I get it, it’s […]

To look or not to look… that is the question! (that I get asked OFTEN) A first look is where the bride and groom opt to see one another BEFORE the ceremony. After photographing several weddings I wanted to give our top reasons on why a first look can be a great idea!  Nerves. It’s […]

Life is precious. We hear it all the time, we consider it now and then, but there are moments, or events, when it is driven into the very core of your heart. You look at a child laughing in a new way, the smell of the person you love is gulped in each time you […]

This wedding day was unique for me! The bride Kali is a friend, and even helped second shoot some weddings a few years back! The day we met she started telling me “when I get married, you’re going to be my photographer.” As time would tick by and we would meet or chat quickly online […]

The wedding day began with the sounds of the soft waves lapping beside the Baypoint Boathouse. The rooms filled with excitement and joy as Marlee and her girls were getting ready. The bride and groom had been waiting for this day, and now that it had arrived even the water seemed happy. Andrew and Marlee […]

One of our favorite parts of living in Michigan are the gorgeous lakes and stunning views. Which means when a bride chooses her childhood home for pictures on the water, and then has her reception on beautiful Grand Traverse Bay, we are officially surrounded by all our favorite things! Water, stunning people, good music, and […]

I am often asked why I only shoot weddings, and to be honest it’s stupidly simple. I liked shooting weddings above everything else! I liked that it had emotion, details, constant movement (I thrive on that adrenaline!), storytelling and family all in one. Once I knew that was where my heart was I started to […]

I have always been self conscious of my name. Number one the spelling, no one ever spells it correctly, and number two it was very uncommon. It felt like a blazing sign, saying “LOOK OVER HERE!! She’s different!!” When you are a child/teen, different is scary. Heck, it’s scary as an adult! Different can feel […]

There seems to be an automatic reaction when Kristen walks into a room, and it reveals itself on all the smiling and glowing faces around her. Kristen makes everything seem easy and fun, and her laugh is wildly contagious. And nobody makes her light up the way that Brian does. Judging by her smile she […]